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History of the Amish Quilt (part 2)

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History of the Amish Quilt (part 2)


Around the 1970s, the beauty of the Amish quilt became a must-have item for fashionable, young city folk.  Amish quilts were suddenly being appreciated as works of art due to their similarities to the "pop art" styles of the time.  This created an interesting problem for the Amish people due to their intense desire for separation from the modern world.  As more people wanted to own one of the handmade Amish works of art, the Amish would often find that their own Amish quilts were being stolen right off their own clothes lines.


As a result, the Amish began making their quilts for the purpose of selling them at the local markets.  While they greatly enjoy their privacy and solitude, the Amish people seemed to find a nice balance between their desire to live a separate and simpler life, yet still benefit through commerce by selling their handmade Amish wares to the modern buyers who desired their work.  This balance between simplicity and consumerism has changed Amish quilt making in a variety of ways.  In order to attract the eye of a visiting outside, the Amish women began departing from the traditional Amish quilt patterns for more updated colors and styles.  Brighter colors, unique patterns, and more elaborate techniques have developed in the Amish quilting world in an effort to attract more customers by offering more updated styles.


The attraction to these beautiful Amish quilts has always been rooted in the desire to look back at our history and to appreciate all the handmade and traditional things of the past.  While the Amish quilt makers retain their relative solitary existence, they have greatly impacted the way the world views quilt making.  So too, in a subtle way, has the world impacted the way the Amish make their quilts.  The current trends and fashions from around the world have impacted the different Amish styles and patterns that the Amish quilter makes.  While the old Amish traditions of hand sewing and creating each piece still remain the cornerstone of the Amish quilt, its partnership with the world as a whole has somehow made the relationships between the Amish and the modern communities closer rather than farther apart.


While the simplicity, variety, colors, and designs may have changed over the past hundred of so years, the basic workmanship and subtleness of the Amish quilt still remains the same today.  Amish quilts are so rich and full of life, yet have a history and sentimentality to them that makes you want to treasure one for years to come and eventually pass it on to a loved one near and dear to your heart.  An Amish quilt is the essence of what it means to be an American today.  It expresses the hard work and determination that all Americans, Amish and non-Amish alike, have shown throughout history. 

History of the Amish Quilt (part 2)

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