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How Do Amish Women Make Money (part 2)

How Do Amish Women Make Money? (part 2)


In addition to the Amish quilt, many Amish women make their money by canning fruits and vegetables or making jams and jellies from their own gardens.  After setting aside enough of their crops for their own personal use, Amish women often can their homegrown fruits and vegetables in order to sell them to the public.  These canned treats are often highly sought after due to the fact that the Amish use no chemicals in the growing of their produce.  Again, this type of natural product is difficult to come by in the modern world and provides a nice bit of income for the Amish woman.


Since Amish women are taught to cook from a very early age, many of their skills and talents lie in what they can produce in the kitchen.  Baking homemade breads, pies, cakes, cookies, candies, donuts, and even noodles are a wonderful way for Amish women to make money while still adhering to the old fashioned values of the Amish community.  Using their own homegrown fruits and grains, the Amish women cook using gas ovens and stoves in order to produce fresh baked goods that are big sellers within the local communities.  Many of these goods are sold to local restaurants and other bakeries because of their high quality and uniquely fresh taste.


Other entrepreneurial ventures that Amish women often pursue include growing fresh flowers, arranging flowers, or drying flowers for wreaths or other crafts and adornments.  Again, these flowers are usually grown by the Amish woman herself and then turned into something a consumer would want to purchase.  Many of these businesses that Amish women have started are run in conjunction with their Amish husband’s business.  It’s not unusual to find an Amish man making handmade picnic tables, while his wife sells Amish quilts, and the children work as little salesmen calling in customers or helping them in the shops.  It’s this Amish belief in hard work, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the desire for self-sufficiency that makes the Amish community so interesting and unique to the outside observer.  While they remain separated from the world at large, the Amish have managed to learn to work with the surrounding communities in order to form a balance between the growing modern world and their simple and plain traditional world.  Fortunately, Amish women are allowed to express themselves and use their talents in a variety of ways in order to help support their families while providing the non-Amish world a hint of the older, simpler pleasures of life.

How Do Amish Women Make Money (part 1)

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