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Preparing an Amish Wedding (part 1)


Marriage and family are the cornerstones of any Amish community.  Deeply rooted in religious faith and traditional values, the Amish wedding is an important part of every Amish member’s life and allows the community to continue to grow as it has for hundreds of years.  However, an Amish wedding is not the same as a traditional American wedding and Amish boys and girls begin preparing for the day they will wed when they are still teenagers.


Finding a mate and starting a family is the most important decision an Amish person must make in order to keep the Amish community strong.  All Amish children are expected to find a spouse, start a family, and begin contributing to the Amish community as a whole by the time they are in their early twenties.  Amish children are not baptized into the Amish church until they are young adults because they are required to make the decision to stay in the Amish community and follow the Amish rules on their own.  Once an Amish boy or girl decides to stay with the Amish community, they are baptized into the Amish church and are then expected to marry and begin living their lives as adults.


Once an Amish couple has been dating for a while and finally decides that they should get married, there is no engagement ring or party.  During this time of dating and engagement, everything is kept very secret in the Amish community, even from the engaged couples’ own parents and siblings.  This is a common practice in Amish households and official announcement to the families of their intention to marry are usually made around July or August.  The Amish community itself will not be told of the pending union until a month before the wedding will take place when the engagement is announced in church or published in the Amish community newspaper.  Some Amish communities have a specific Sunday set aside in October where the church deacon announces all the Amish couples who plan to marry and the fathers’ of the brides announce the dates that have been chosen for the ceremonies.  Most Amish weddings take place in November or December, after the harvesting season is over, and Tuesdays or Thursdays are popular days of the week to get married because a full day before and after are needed to prepare for the Amish wedding and this can never include a Sunday.


An Amish bride will usually make her own wedding dress out of blue or sometimes purple fabric.  The Amish bride chooses two attendants who will also make their dresses out of the same cloth of fabric.  All three women will wear Amish prayer capes and aprons.  It is also general practice that an Amish woman will be dressed in her wedding dress, cape, and apron once she dies.  The Amish groom and his two attendants will wear black suits, white shirts, black brimmed hats, black high-topped boots, and black bow ties.  There are no wedding rings, flowers, or veils during the Amish wedding ceremony.

Preparing an Amish Wedding (part 2)

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